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    Social Network Feature

    posted in Social Network on 8th Aug, 2016

    Welcome to IT Consultants Club. We added club feature by adding social network feature with different member profile types. To ease the registration we even added social registration so you can signup with your existing social network account.

    Some of the key Social Network features supported by our website.

    • Achievements system that allows users to achieve badges when they perform specific actions on the site.
    • Groups in Social Network allows users to collaborate with one another and it includes applications which enhances your group.
    • Events allows users to create meetups and schedule events. Attendees can also collaborate in event pages. Links with the user's calendar as well.
    • Photo albums allows users on the site to host their albums and photos.
    • Extensive privacy options for each user profile, posts and items on the activity stream.
    • Live community updates with live notifications and email notifications.
    • Allows Facebook and other Social network users to quickly register on the site by signing up using their Social Network account.
    • Crowdsourcing by allowing users to report spam and abusive activities on the site.
    • Conversation (Private messaging) system that allows community users to communicate with one another.
    • Integrated points system that rewards your users when they perform specific actions on the site.
    • File sharing allows users to share files on social site.
    • Responsive layout which works with mobile and table devices out of the box.
    • Hashtags & mentions support in activity stream.
    • File sharing in groups and events.
    • Allows user to sign in with their email address.
    • Create events within groups allowing group members to host events.
    • Recurring events.
    • Multi lingual support.