Discussions Feature

Welcome to IT consultants Club. We added forum/discussions feature to manage and engage in multiple conversations and simply build a repository of information to add content to any subject that grows over time.

Some of the Discuss Core Features are

  • Forum View or Discussion View.
  • Improved Administration.
  • Company Workflow (Display operational hours or Public Holidays).
  • Ticket Priorities.
  • Post your tickets or discussions anonymously.
  • More auto posting places: Gist, Slack, Wunderlist, Telegram and LinkedIn integration.
  • Built in conversation system.
  • Private discussions
  • Recognize users by rewarding them with interesting Badges.
  • Best navigation interface in the user profile system.
  • Advance access control in categories.
  • Powerful points system to honor active users.
  • Receive live notifications as they come in, real-time.
  • User friendly toolbar to manage, sort and search discussions.
  • Blends into your existing template!
  • Auto share discussions in Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Users banning (for a short period or permanently).
  • @Mention.
  • Star ratings.
  • Vote for your favorite discussion thread.
  • Spam control
  • Receive updates hourly, daily or weekly digests.
  • Attach files, images and URLs into discussions.
  • You can add polls into discussions.
  • Users can report abuse for inappropriate discussions.
  • Search engine friendly titles and topics.
  • Voting system.
  • Integrates with website articles, Google Maps Blog
  • Allows code syntax usage for advanced users
  • Set password protection for private discussions

Lets have sparking conversations with Discuss feature on a certain topic or have an online or private discussion about a particular subject is now possible with.